Else is an electronica project that combines the classic trip hop elements with melodic sounds of
live instrumentation that creates energy like nothing else…
Internationally connected through the waves of the Internet,
Else began creating music together almost four years ago.
With similar interested in electronica acts such as Massive Attack and Bjork,
Giuliano Lombardo (guitars, electronics, drum machines, loops), also known as Alien Seduction
and singer/songwriter Ngozi-Y'ileese found themselves friends on MySpace.
Giuliano, a native of Rome, Italy and across the Atlantic in Brooklyn, resides Ngozi
far away from her west coast roots. Shortly after a music exchange, the idea of collaborating was a mutual one.
Robert James Hanrahan (guitars, bass, synthesizers, electric piano)
long time friend of Giuliano and owner/director of No Dramas Productions, is simply the icing on the layered cake.
Else is currently working on a new EP, including the highly anticipated single “Sensation Overflow”
as well as “The Road” featuring Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets.
The new EP is set to be released soon.